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Poor Boy Farms was started after a few failed attempts to purchase land to start developing and refine "food forest" technology. Banks make it nearly impossible to get a note on ag land unless you have an existing operation. Land owners only want to sell to developers at a huge premium. This journey really highlighted a growing problem... How do young farmers get "in" if the barrier to enter is so high? It also begs the question, who will grow food in the future and how?

For every 7 farmers over the age of 60, there's only 1 under the age of 35 to replace them. This conceptually makes farming a dying industry. At some point in the future there won't be enough farmers to feed a growing population. In order to solve this problem, our goal is to create modular agriculture systems that enables debt-free farming and to empower young farmers to take up the profession.

Proud Supporter of the Food Forest Service

What is a Food Forest?

To put it simply, a Food Forest is a multi-story approach to growing food.

In a forest system, you have multiple layers, and each layer is a "story" like in a building. You have an overstory, an understory, and something in between.

The ultimate goal of the food forest system is to maximize the photosynthetic potential of small and large parcels of land.

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