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Mind - Body - Soil

We consider food as medicine and our mission is to produce the most nutrient food as possible. Healthy plants come from healthy soil; and in order to heal the mind and the body, we must heal the soil.

🥚 Eggs

Our eggs are just eggs made with ❤️.

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🥗 Microgreens

Microgreens are young seedlings of edible vegetables and herbs. Unlike larger herbs and vegetables that take weeks or months to grow, microgreens can be harvested and eaten a week to 10 days after the cotyledon — a part of the embryo within the seed — leaves have developed.

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Food Forests

What is a Food Forest?

To put it simply, a Food Forest is a multi-story approach to growing food.

In a forest system, you have multiple layers, and each layer is a "story" like in a building. You have an overstory, an understory, a groundstory, and something in between.

The ultimate goal of the food forest system is to maximize the photosynthetic potential of small and large parcels of land.

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